DDD SA de CV: Technology & plan summary for IXPAN TVT


Holographic “Glasses Free” 3DTV

Plan to build a proof-of-concept prototype with purpose to license proprietary technology to display manufacturers

As a result of over 10 years of technology & market research and investment we have recently received a patent on a key disruptive technology allowing for the inexpensive manufacturing of displays which provide for the appearance of holographic 3D imagery without the use of glasses. We believe this will enable us and/or our licensees to manufacture a unique flat 3D display which will be very compelling for many new & different applications and markets.

We strongly believe our technology surpasses other current state-of-the-art “glasses free” offerings by an order of magnitude in cost, compactness, features and related benefits. Because it's a modular system it can utilized to create a large variety of products and size displays-- something other existing “glasses-free” technologies can't accomplish without building extremely expensive (>$100.000) systems requiring very large and complex installations.

We have studied, visited and developed relationships with many potential end-users and licensees such as General Electric Healthcare Medical Imaging, Philips and Sharp. They have all showed great interest in our technology but before moving into a formal business relationship they require for us to show our prototype at work—since “seeing is believing.”

Our intent is to get funding to allow us to build a prototype which will provide the foundation to both commercialize our technology and solidify related manufacturing and complementary IP. At this point we plan to sell and/or license our technology to a wide range of companies possibly in each of the market segments outlined below.


Our research shows the first market which can be easily addressed will for Medical Imaging displays. Key is there already is the 3D data available in appropriate format so a 3D display utilizing IXAPN TVT can be used immediately all over the world and provide the significant benefit of glasses free use. Depending on size and features desired we estimate the sales price of such a display would be $3,500 to $5,000 and the market is 200,000 units ($700 to $1B).

There are many other “general purpose” vertical markets desiring the benefits of a large glasses free holographic like display. We estimate there is market of 400.000 units (annually) to display all kinds of scientific data, product designs, retail store displays and advertising. These segments will take more time to exploit because of the diverse use, range of 3D data formats, and display sizes. Our discussions with potential users and partners in these segments indicate the displays will be larger than medical and that higher prices can be achieved. Overall we an average price point of ~$10,000 and interesting to note that unlike most existing conventional display technologies (LCD, Plasma, etc.) this is a technology that is easily scalable in size without significant capital and labor expenditures..

We expect that as a result of penetrating the general purpose market we will realize further economies of scales which will allow us to expand into segments desiring very large (e.g. wall size!) use for publicity, gaming, entertainment and the virtual reality applications. Typical selling prices in these categories would be upwards to $150.000. There is very little direct information about the size of these segments but “guesstimates” provided by people in these fields are that annual sales of ~20,000 units would not be unreasonable.


The 3DTV boom, initiated by the movie AVATAR, has demonstrated that there exists great appetite for 3D. Up to this point though, lack of appropriate content, poor 3D hardware performance and the need of special glasses which can result in viewers having headaches have diminished its commercial success. We believe our technology combined with a properly funded and structured plan focused on applications users will find true benefit will provide a platform to finally realize success.

(Detailed market info available upon request)

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